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When it comes to personal data, an individual's health records are right up there as being amongst the most sensitive of data. Protecting it from being accidentally or purposely leaked or misused, is of the highest importance; both from an individual's perspective, but also from a governmental perspective. HIPAA is designed to establish policies, procedures and safeguards through the implementation of a set of rules for compliance.


This is a wake up call: Why healthcare should accelerate adoption to predictive analytics for proactive care sooner than planned

In hospitals around the world, ICU hospital beds and ventilators are reserved for patients—regardless of age—who are in critical condition and require mechanical support to keep their bodies functioning and to fight the onset of sepsis. This condition is a complication caused by the human body’s response to infection, and it can lead to organ failure and death, accounting for 1 in 5 deaths globally.


Can predictive analytics help COVID-19 deaths from rising with early sepsis intervention?

Analyze, identify, and treat patients at risk of sepsis-associated mortality and morbidity as a result of respiratory failure. Every few years, we are faced with strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria—SARs, Ebola, MERS, H1N1, and most recently COVID-19. Are we prepared to handle this kind of pandemic as COVID-19 will not be the last one to put a strain on the healthcare system.

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How to Report On Key Performance Indicators and Activity with Remote Workers

The unplanned and unbudgeted surge in remote workers is creating new requirements and challenges for IT management. Understanding how these changes impact the IT infrastructure and worker’s effectiveness is vital to business continuity. Goliath offers the following out-of-the box reports that can help to better document key performance indicators and activity for the remote workforce.


Malicious Actors and Medical Data: Where Are We Heading?

Data is the hottest commodity in town, particularly on the dark web. But there’s one type of file that hackers are most interested in: your medical data. Whereas a credit card number or Social Security number can net a criminal $1-$15 depending on the data type, medical records can sell for the equivalent of $60 each (in Bitcoin). What’s more, the theft of these files isn’t uncommon. Despite U.S.

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MSP Proactively Monitors Hybrid Cloud Services to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Cloud Geeni is a fully managed cloud service provider guaranteeing their customers of all sizes 99.9% up-time and high-performing virtualized desktops and applications on their proprietary cloud platform. Their customer service commitment is high, promising their customers that they will not be burdened with the day-to-day maintenance of their IT delivery infrastructure, enabling their users to work freely with high-performing applications and desktops anywhere and at any time.

How to Troubleshoot VMware Horizon is Slow Complaints

Johan van Amersfoort, VMware vExpert and EUC Champion, is joining Goliath to discuss the real pains all IT professionals face when trying to pinpoint the root cause and troubleshoot the “VMware Horizon is slow” complaints from their end users – especially when the problem isn’t VMware Horizon.

Securing IT in healthcare organizations: All you need to know

From maintaining electronic health records and generating medical reports, to carrying out robot-assisted surgeries and setting up online doctor-patient communication portals, the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly reliant on technology to effectively carry out day-to-day operations. While incorporating advanced technology assists healthcare professionals in providing better care for patients, it also increases the attack surface for cybercriminals looking to exploit sensitive data.