What Is Network Latency and How to Reduce It to Improve Website Performance

So you finally launched your service worldwide, great! The next thing you’ll see is thousands and thousands of people flooding into your amazing website from all corners of the world expecting to have the same experience regardless of their location. Here is where things get tricky. Having an infrastructure that will support the expansion of your service across the globe without sacrificing user experience is going to be real though as distance will introduce latency.


How Road Traffic Insights Derived from Sensor Data Improve Public Safety and Reduce Emergency Services Response Times

It’s easy to see the value of sensor data that enables acting in time. Just picture driving as the scene of a massive traffic accident unfolds and ambulances race to the rescue…what a difference a few seconds can make. What if past traffic patterns could help city operators predict and manage traffic flow at critical times?

Launching the Community COVID-19 Dashboard Project

Let Data Shed Some Light in the Midst of Uncertainty The burden the COVID-19 novel coronavirus has placed on the world is enormous. There’s a great thirst for information and clarity. So, we at have decided to offer a Community COVID-19 Dashboard Project, so that everyone can better understand how the outbreak impacts the world and their region. We see that as a community effort.


How to Build a Customer Lifetime Value Model

We love our customers at Looker. They’ve been essential to helping us improve our product and services, from fixing unexpected bugs to adding new features to better serve their needs. This is also why our amazing support team, also known as the Department of Customer Love, has put customer feedback and relationships first since day one of Looker.


Is Your Data Story Safe?

As we navigate unprecedented times together, we inevitably find ourselves to be participants in a global data storytelling exercise; either as an author, contributor, or a reader. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of data storytelling examples out there. It’s a riveting data story that’s been read over 40 million times, receiving over 230,000 claps, and translated into 30 languages. But is this data story ’safe’?

How Logz io Engineers monitor their multi tenant SaaS offering with Logz io is a Cloud Observability Platform that helps engineering teams quickly identify and resolve production issues using the best open source for metrics and log monitoring available: Elk and Grafana. In this webinar, one of the engineers who built the product, Roi Ravhon, showed how the engineering team uses to deliver more reliable, performant, and secure services to our customers.