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Evaluating FedRAMP Compliance For Cloud Services Providers

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) comprises a set of standardized guidelines for monitoring, authorizing, and undertaking security assessments on cloud service providers (CSPs). The objective of the guidelines is to ensure that providers of cloud services meet the necessary cloud security standards. FedRAMP requires all CSPs to get accessed by third-party organizations to ensure that they meet cloud security guidelines that apply to them.

Leverage JIRA with Squadcast throughout the incident lifecycle

Atlassian’s Jira is an issue and project tracking software that helps plan, track and manage projects. Jira is also used by customers and internal teams to log issue tickets for the product and engineering teams to look into and resolve. This forms a feedback loop between the customer-facing and product teams to help drive and deliver the best possible software.


Why Moving to the Cloud Gives you an Advantage in a Time of Crisis

Business continuity is a challenge we are all currently facing, as most of us are unable to step into our office. During this time of social distancing, businesses rely on technology and software to collaborate with our team, interact with clients, and update information. Software applications can be broadly categorized into two categories: ‘on-premise’ and ‘cloud’.


How VPN bandwidth monitoring helps retain remote workforce productivity

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought businesses around the globe to their knees. To survive, organizations across verticals are rolling out work-from-home policies. And for effective remote working, it’s imperative to employ VPN connections, as they serve as a conduit for workers to access business-critical data remotely. But when valuable VPN bandwidth is consumed by trivial activities, business-critical applications can run on only meager bandwidth, which translates to lost productivity.


What Is Network Latency and How to Reduce It to Improve Website Performance

So you finally launched your service worldwide, great! The next thing you’ll see is thousands and thousands of people flooding into your amazing website from all corners of the world expecting to have the same experience regardless of their location. Here is where things get tricky. Having an infrastructure that will support the expansion of your service across the globe without sacrificing user experience is going to be real though as distance will introduce latency.


Elastic APM: Free and open application performance monitoring

Application performance monitoring (APM) is a critical part of a unified observability strategy. APM offers deep insights into application performance and behavior, and organizations depend on it to deliver performant and high-quality digital experiences to their customers — both for keeping a proactive pulse on the health of their applications and for troubleshooting issues.


Work from home better with secure and reliable enterprise service

Today, we are facing an unprecedented situation. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everything we know -- our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life. In these tough times, many organizations have resorted to mandatory remote working for employees so they can still be productive and safe. Saas productivity tools like Zoom, Slack, G-Suite and Office 365 became seemingly mandatory in this new distributed workplace.


Optimize Your Testing Efforts for Continuous Delivery

In these tough times, the well-being of customers and employees is the most important for every organization. During this unexpected crisis, there are teams working from home while there are few workplaces that have reduced workforce. It is a given that the thoughts, efficiency and availability of your team will not be the same as you may expect otherwise. In these conditions, it is vital that the robustness of your software is not compromised.


k6 as alternative to Azure load testing and Visual Studio load test

At the end of 2018, Microsoft stated that Visual Studio 2019 is the last version with load testing features. A few months later they formally announced that Azure load testing is closing down on March 31st, 2020. This announcement came as a bomb to the community. But for those who follow this market, the news was not a complete surprise.