11 Tips to Select the Best Field Service Management Software

When you order something on e-commerce sites like Amazon or order food online, tracking your delivery is very seamless. It shows they have a field service management software in place, enabling you to track everything within your app. Reaching out to field service technicians like electricians and plumbers also involves managing and planning field service.


The 3 Secrets to a Great B2B Customer Support Team

Creating a great support team isn’t something that happens in a day, a week, or even a month. It’s a long-term goal for many companies, and even when they get there, it’s important to sustain that excellence over time, particularly as the company grows. The pressure to maintain a high level of support exists because of the impact the support team has on their business’ reputation.

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Top 15 Helpdesk Software and Ticketing Systems

The fierce competition existing in the market today is a result of the numerous choices available for customers. All they need is a click to switch brands. It’s that simple. Traditionally, product and price were the two elements that gave businesses a competitive edge. This is no longer the case. Increasingly, customers are valuing experience more than product and price. A recent study shows that customer experience is surpassing product and price in brand differentiation.


How Freshworks prepared for a complete transition to remote support

Even with the world in a state of flux, businesses have to continue serving customers, and support teams have to adapt to their new environment. But making the transition from working together in the office to remote support can be a tricky affair. We understand completely because we at Freshworks are in the same boat.


Using AI and Knowledge Management to Delight Customers

For companies in competitive markets, customer support is a key differentiator. In fact, it can be one of the key reasons a customer decides to renew or churn. But with customer expectations higher than ever, and modern support no longer involving only simple, repeated questions, your front line is often dealing with a high volume of tickets across multiple channels that involve product and process complexity.


How Strengthening Self-Service Helps Companies Prepare for the Future

As organizations continue to settle into working remotely due to the ongoing crisis, customer service is under strain to deal with the rising volume of inquiries. Understandably, customers are looking for information on how the current situation affects the products and services they rely on. So how can self-service help companies reduce the burden on their agents and employees? To understand that, we had a conversation with Mr. Sagi Eliyahu, the CEO of KMS lighthouse.


Improve your financial close checklist by throwing it in the trash

There are things in life that one can expect to become outdated. Most clothes, some cars, and there have certainly been a lot of hairstyles that have lost their luster over time. ServiceNow has added a new trend to that list – the controller’s checklist. Using one to keep track of the thousands of tasks that needed to be completed each month as part of the financial close process must go the way of the mullet, and here’s why.


10 Marketplace Apps to Run Your Customer Support like Clockwork, Even When Working from Home

Being confined in our homes has been an unfortunate reality for most of us these past few weeks. But why despair when you have apps that help you keep abreast of ticket status regardless of whether you have access to the internet or not, provide remote support to your customers at the touch of a button, and answer calls without disrupting your work.