Collaborate through chaos with Opsgenie's new Slack app for incidents

Get stories like this in your inbox During an IT incident, every second counts – but the first few minutes are the most critical. Teams who can rapidly spin up the right tools and processes have the best shot at fast resolution. And of course, many teams rely on chat tools to collaborate and communicate during incidents. So we’re excited to announce our new Slack app for Opsgenie Incidents.


When to Reject Builds Based on CVE Severity

In a perfect world, you would instantly fix your application every time a relevant CVE (Common Vulnerability and Exposure) was issued. (In an even more perfect world, there would be no security incidents, and hence, no CVEs in the first place.) But, in the real world, reacting to CVEs requires a careful calculation. You need to assess whether each CVE is serious enough to warrant the rejection of a build and a delay of a release.


Improving Network Performance and Agility with Automation and AIOps

In today’s digital world, a business’ success is inextricably tied to its ability to meet customer demands and rising expectations for quality, performance, responsiveness, and innovation. Digital transformation is no longer an optional add-on to help an organization stand out in a saturated market. It is a necessity for businesses hoping to keep up with fierce competition.

The More You Monitor - 9 Steps to Prevent Alert Storms

Developing a monitoring and alert management strategy that reduces the frequency of alerts while increasing the effectiveness of the alerts you do receive is easier than you might think. Follow these 9 steps and not only will alert storms will be a thing of the past, but you and your IT team will be able to keep your systems and applications up and available. Or, e-mail us @

The 2020 Guide to On-Call Tools

Have you been on-call? If you have, you understand the anxiety, the frustration and the confusion involved with it. And, if you haven’t been on-call in the past, with the growth of DevOps and the focus on developers owning their code, it’s likely you will be soon. Sharing accountability for the reliability and performance of your applications, services and infrastructure is becoming the norm.


Real-Time Retail in Asia Pacific: Ensuring Exceptional Customer Experience in an Always-On World

Across Asia Pacific, “Real-Time Retail” and e-commerce have never been more essential to meet the expectations of always-on, connected customers than it is today. To be successful, e-retailers need to ensure high availability and functionality across complex, interconnected services such as payment gateways, inventory and order management, and website and mobile apps.

Tech Talk: Agentless Monitoring and Custom Monitors

In addition to Agent-Based Custom Monitors, OpsRamp supports agentless infrastructure monitoring to allow our customers to track the health and performance of network, storage, and virtual resources as well as platform as a service (PaaS) cloud resources. In this interactive session we'll dive into why this is more important than ever as organizations adopt remote work strategies and prioritize digital transformation initiatives.

Why Your Online Business Needs SMS Messaging in 2020

2020 might be the year that we get mainstream adoption of folding cell phones and 5G connectivity, but some things don't change, and SMS usage appears to be one of them. This reliable technology is still widely used by businesses, professionals, and consumers on a daily basis, even as social media dominates our lives. SMS messaging is just convenient and quick.