How an IT services company reduced service delivery time by 50%

April 1, 2020 When it comes to IT Services, their whole world revolves around offering technology solutions with support and management. For these companies, it has become important now, more than ever, to modernize their workspaces and make the shift with IT digitization to effectively manage complexities like maintenance, security, scalability and resilience. While digital transformation may sound great in theory, in practice, it presents some unique concerns for businesses.


Improve your financial close checklist by throwing it in the trash

There are things in life that one can expect to become outdated. Most clothes, some cars, and there have certainly been a lot of hairstyles that have lost their luster over time. ServiceNow has added a new trend to that list – the controller’s checklist. Using one to keep track of the thousands of tasks that needed to be completed each month as part of the financial close process must go the way of the mullet, and here’s why.


5 Tips to Make Working From Home Work for You

I'm not sure what your work from home set up looks like, but mine includes an ironing board behind me. There's a set of golf clubs in the corner, and a pile of old clothes on the floor. My late grandmother's bookshelf tries desperately to bring some order to the room, but even it is filled with a hodgepodge of stuff. The problem is, I never intended to work from home. My "home office" can be best described as a storage room mixed with a little bit of the chaos.


A Forrester Report sneak peak: our three key takeaways from Customer Service Megatrends in 2020

It’s new from Forrester: “The Three Customer Service Megatrends In 2020: Fuse AI and Agents to Drive Better Experiences.” We won't reveal all the details in this blog – you’ll need to download the complete report for that, but we will preview one takeaway of growing interest: “Your organization needs Superagents, and they need AI.”


Now on Now: A new line of defense

Some would liken the ServiceNow Security team to a silent, but highly skilled group of warriors working continuously to protect our customers and our services. To deliver that we have to ensure our company, people, and assets are secure. The fact is that our Security team is much more than that. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to constantly enrich ServiceNow’s security posture.


Modern shadow IT demands visibility, not control

“Shadow IT” can be a divisive subject depending on how long you’ve been in the IT field. There is a legacy attitude within many IT teams that shadow IT must be controlled – but it can bring significant benefits to an organization. Modern IT teams understand these benefits, and focus on balancing shadow IT’s value and risk. Moving past that legacy attitude and developing a modern IT mentality in your organization can be difficult.


Five Security Priorities to Consider With a Remote Workforce

Many organizations are prioritizing the health and well being of their workforce in the wake of the current global pandemic. Many threat actors are also taking advantage of this opportunity. I’ve seen recent examples of social engineering—with calculated phishing campaigns preying on those who seek information on the COVID-19. As noted by Security Researcher Brian Krebs, one hacker group even used a copy of a legitimate map of the impact of the virus to infect machines with malware.


How ITSM Can Support an Emergency Response Plan

As federal, state, and local government agencies scramble to create emergency response processes and procedures, be advised that IT service management (ITSM) can play a critical role in supporting emergency response plans and associated processes. Government and commercial business emergency response plans define how agencies and commercial organizations respond to catastrophic events in the environment.


Visibility Prevents IT Calamities Sight Unseen

It starts with one call. Then another user opens a ticket reporting sluggish laptop performance. One more call comes in, then a few more similar incidents and service requests. By the time the Help Desk Agent can see the bottom of that first cup of coffee, a bigger problem is evident, but not quite yet visible.