Updates from Bugfender Q1, 2020

Welcome to the spring Bugfender newsletter. Despite COVID-19 and thanks to being a remote company, we continue working on Bugfender to bring you new updates and features you can take advantage of. Bugfender is now hosted in twin datacenters. With a combination of High Availability and Master-Replica setups, we’re now able to process logs faster than ever and bring the service back up much faster in the unlikely event of datacenter-wide outages.


SQL Server, Part 1: Why you should monitor SQL logs

Over 44 records are stolen per second every day due to data breaches, and according to the Risk Based Security Research report published in 2019, databases are the top most targeted assets for malicious actors to exploit organizations’ confidential data. Often, organizations don’t realize their databases have been compromised for months. Once sensitive data is leaked, the damage can’t be undone.


Logging Python Apps with the ELK Stack & Logz.io

Logging is a feature that virtually every application must have. No matter what technology you choose to build on, you need to monitor the health and operation of your applications. This gets more and more difficult as applications scale and you need to look across different files, folders, and even servers to locate the information you need. While you can use built-in features to write Python logs from the application itself, you should centralize these logs in a tool like the ELK stack.


Splunk Rapid Adoption Packages - Part 2

In part 1 of the RAP blog we focused on an overview of Rapid Adoption Packages, Part 2 will now focus on the use case package specifics and how these can help with customer goals. With Rapid Adoption Packages Customers have the option to select a number of use cases which are specifically designed exactly to do this, there are currently 9 available use case packages and they include...


Loki quick tip: How to create a Grafana dashboard for searching logs using Loki and Prometheus

Greetings! This is Eldin and Ronald reporting in from the Solutions Engineering team at Grafana Labs. You’ve probably seen some previous posts from our colleagues Christine and Aengus or maybe some of the fantastic Loki videos that Ward has put up on YouTube. This week, Ronald and I will walk through how to leverage Prometheus and Loki as data sources to create a simple but awesome Grafana dashboard that enables quick searches of logs.


Monitoring Family Pickle Consumption with Splunk!

Recently, about a month after our public health crisis started in the US, I opened my mailbox. Inside was a printed public service announcement sent from the mayor of my little community northwest of Denver. It had cute graphics of cartoonish townsfolk wearing facemasks, and the content conveyed reasonable, folksy messaging about social distancing and sheltering in place.


Fraud Detection: WFH Leading to Increased BEC and Phishing Threats - What To Look For

A lot has changed in the past few weeks. And the percentage of us working from home (WFH) has increased tremendously. With increased WFH, we rely more on email communication, and this increases the opportunities for abuse by others. One thing that has stayed constant: bad people want to do bad things. As we have seen in the past, when one avenue of attack is restricted, the fraudsters redouble their efforts in other areas, and online fraud attempts are already increasing during our new normal.

Motadata ServiceOps | An ITIL Compliant IT Service Management Platform

Introducing Motadata ServiceOps! An ITIL compliant IT Service Management platform which offers a single point solution that is simplified, easy-to-use and deploy, meeting the IT operation management and automation requirements. It eliminates manual complexities, encourages self-service, offers a modern interface to improve user experience, and provides meaningful insights that improve the overall quality of IT services.