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Build custom reports with the Easy Insight and Teamwork Desk integration

The new Easy Insight and Teamwork Desk integration lets you drill right down into your support data to give you detailed insights into both customer queries and team performance. The connection between the two apps pulls all of your Teamwork Desk data into Easy Insight so you can build your own custom reports and dashboards — or use some pre-built templates — to quickly pull the information that’s most important to your business.

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Best Remote Team Communication Tools For 2020 (Features, Pricing)

Tons of companies have gone remote due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But if your team’s remote, how do you communicate with them? How do you get project updates? How do you conduct meetings? Seems impossible, right? It isn’t! The best remote teams use multiple communication tools to collaborate efficiently. To help you out, we’ll highlight some of the best remote team communication tools for your team.


How Businesses Are Reacting to the Coronavirus Outbreak. Bitrix24 COVID-19 Survey Results.

With over 6 million organizations signing up with Bitrix24 since the launch in 2012, we have a unique insight into how businesses and the non-profit sector are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, we ran a short survey in order to understand what effect the coronavirus has had so far, which industries adopted best and what future steps companies are planning.


Leading through change: How we're navigating remote work at Asana

Asana’s north star has always been the well-being of our employees and serving our customers. As global teams—including our own—have become more dispersed in recent weeks, our commitment to helping the world’s teams thrive and leading consciously is now more important than ever. Businesses are looking for ways to stay connected and coordinated no matter when or where teams are working.


Sales plan in CRM Analytics

Dear Bitrix24 users, Establishing sales objectives by setting sales targets is a good way to motivate employees, deliver big results and sell more. Bitrix24 CRM Analytics offers a Sales plan to set sales targets for each of your sales agents and track their progress. There are two types of sales targets in Bitrix24: you can enter a number of deals that have to be won for a set period of time or set as a required sales volume, if you prefer the sales target.

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Best Remote Work Tools For 2020 (Features, Pricing)

COVID-19 has forced tons of companies to have their employees work from home. But for those who are new to remote working, this transition can be difficult. However, with the right remote work tools, you’ll have no trouble working in or running a remote team! To help you get started, we’ll cover some of the best remote work tools for your business. We’ll highlight their key features, pricing and their alternatives to help you choose the right tool.


What's new in Teamwork?

What a start to the first quarter of the year, huh? It’s been a busy one for us, and a challenging quarter for our team (and probably yours) in many ways. At Teamwork, we’re in the fortunate position that the move to remote work was a relatively smooth transition for us. So we’re going to keep doing what we do best: delivering great software to help your team collaborate and keep work going. Here’s a snapshot of our latest releases.