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Unlock next-level detail in Real User Monitoring with these latest improvements

In our latest release, we're rolling out a whole series of improvements to Raygun Real User Monitoring that gives you the instance-level data you need to understand exactly how your application is performing in every single user session. Armed with this level of diagnostic information, you and your team will know exactly where to spend time when improving the performance of a particular page.

Context Guide - Instana's GPS for Your Applications and Infrastructure

In the world of modern, highly distributed, microservices applications there are a few universal problems: In Gartner’s research note titled “Advance Your Application Performance Monitoring Strategy to Support Microservices” the analysts state: “Due to the intricate, ephemeral topology linking microservice-based applications and the microservices themselves, it’s difficult to know the health of microservice-based applications in production, visualize dependencies among the


Ensuring your web applications offer an ideal user experience while working from home

While the recent pandemic has removed much of the traffic from the roads, it has led to an unusual increase in traffic on the internet. Online services are reporting a huge increase in the number of visitors and requests, making it tough to keep up with seamless service delivery. While service providers and experts say the internet can hold up for now, organizations are already implementing measures to prevent network congestion and interruptions in service during the continuing pandemic.

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The COVID-19 Crisis and the need for Citrix XenApp 6.5 Monitoring!

The COVID-19 crisis has put organizations in a position where 100% of employees need to work remotely from their homes. Popular technologies used for supporting remote employees include Citrix virtual application and desktops, virtual desktop technologies based on VMware Horizon, cloud-hosted desktops (DaaS), or just VPN connectivity. Until now, remote access from home was something a small percentage of employees used.