7 Remote Work Problems IT is Solving With Nexthink

The past several weeks have been anything but normal, especially for those in enterprise IT. Though every company is facing their own unique challenges, we have noticed that certain technical use cases come up over and over again with our customers. After two months, and hundreds of use cases, we’ve picked the top remote work problems that enterprise IT departments are solving with Nexthink.


Remote Workforce IT Insights Series #3: Executive Snapshot, Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the Remote Workforce IT Insights series covering the Remote Workforce Executive Summary dashboard. As mentioned in part 1, this dashboard is part of the new “Remote Workforce” library category in the March Release of Aternity SaaS free to all of our customers.


Remote Workforce IT Insights Series #3: Executive Snapshot, Part 1

The March Release of Aternity SaaS is now available! And as discussed in the kick-off blog of the Remote Workforce IT Insights series, Aternity now provides a new “Remote Workforce” library category which is free to all of our customers. These new dashboards were created over the past few weeks, with input from our customers, to answer the key questions around ensuring a positive employee experience for their remote workforce.


Remote Workforce - IT Insights Series #2: Employee Access and VPN Capacity

Aternity Digital Experience Management provides a library of dashboards to enable organizations to mobilize and manage the remote workforce. Here's the next in a series of blogs that explains how these dashboards provide IT insights that help ensure business continuity and reliability.


Delivering Better Digital Experiences and Resilient IT Infrastructure During COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused an explosion in employees having to work remotely to maintain social distancing and prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus. While a large remote workforce can place enormous strain on enterprise applications and hybrid infrastructure, IT operations teams must ensure that their employees can get the job done without frequent interruptions. At the same time, customers can no longer dine out or go to shopping malls, shifting to online services and mobile apps to meet their needs.


Powering the Digital Employee Experience for Remote Workers

The shift to remote work has taken place almost overnight for many companies, creating enormous challenges for both IT and employees. There are no months of planning, pilot rollouts, or performance stress tests. IT teams are being asked to implement massive changes on a daily basis, despite being vastly overworked and under-appreciated, all while maintaining focus and professionalism.


The Achilles Heel - Why Our Competitors Fall Short

I often smirk when I hear or read about other companies pitching a digital experience management platform for IT support. To outsiders this claim may sound innocuous but after 30 years in IT I know most cannot even come close to understanding, let alone managing, the full Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Why? It’s best to define some terms before I draw any lines in the sand.