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Apr 10, 2020   |  By General
Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week, we highlight the importance of creating and enforcing a solid cybersecurity strategy for employees who work remotely.
Apr 10, 2020   |  By Applications Manager
Often, when companies are new to Amazon Web Services (AWS), they aren’t focused much on the cost. They’re more likely fixated on taking advantage of the scalability and flexibility offered by the cloud. As a company’s AWS cloud infrastructure grows, it will find that its cloud costs grow as well. As the number of AWS accounts increases over time, there’s a higher chance of overspending on unnecessary cloud resources.
Apr 10, 2020   |  By General
With a huge number of employees around the globe working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering uninterrupted business services to customers has become a major challenge. This requires strict monitoring of all critical business applications in order to accommodate an increased amount of requests, which can cause a critical downtime if not monitored appropriately.
Apr 9, 2020   |  By Log360
Over 44 records are stolen per second every day due to data breaches, and according to the Risk Based Security Research report published in 2019, databases are the top most targeted assets for malicious actors to exploit organizations’ confidential data. Often, organizations don’t realize their databases have been compromised for months. Once sensitive data is leaked, the damage can’t be undone.
Apr 9, 2020   |  By IT Security
The cybersecurity threat landscape is quickly changing. Administrators have become more cautious when it comes to security and governing access, end users have become tech-savvy and security-aware, and attackers have also raised their game. Living-off-the-land attacks, or LOTL, is one clear trend today, with attackers exploiting preinstalled features and default tools built into system.
Mar 18, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Here are 10 easy-to-implement, server virtualization management methods that can help you improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) of your IT infrastructure.
Mar 18, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Firewall Analyzer is a firewall policy and log management solution. We have an ebook of firewall best practices to be followed to secure your network.
Mar 18, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
This ebook presents 11 tried and tested network administration practices to help network admins arrive at the most effective network management strategy for their organization.
Mar 2, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
To address the confusion surrounding cloud technology, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has published a guide explaining cloud technology and its vulnerabilities. We've made things easier by preparing a guide that gives you the best practices to fix these vulnerabilities, and keep your cloud environment secure.
Feb 12, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
When a business grows and its needs expand, configuration changes begin to take place on a daily basis. Network admin can carry out these changes manually, but this presents the risk of human error, resulting in faulty configurations. In this e-book, we'll take a look at the best practices that can help IT admins ensure hassle-free network configuration management, and avoid errors.
Apr 9, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
It is imperative for IT to have a single console to carry out their daily tasks. To enable IT administrators to efficiently carry out such tasks, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus integrates with other IT management solutions so as to provide a seamless interface.
Mar 17, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
How often have we tried to access a website or a web service to find that the service is down? Most of the time, an expired SSL certificate is reason behind such unforeseen outages. Not only does it result in loss of productivity for end users, but also leaves a dent in the hard-earned reputation for business owners. This webinar throws light on a few such real-world scenarios and recommends a few best practices you should follow to stay on top of SSL certificate life cycle management.
Feb 28, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
Watch this session to learn how analytics can help you,
Feb 21, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
First we'll analyse the complete cause of Windows 10 migration. This will include Windows 7 End-Of-Life and the steps to migrate your OS to Windows 10. Then, the aftereffects of Windows 10 migration and post-deployment issues will be discussed.
Feb 20, 2020   |  By ManageEngine
The IT department of an organization often encompasses several small subdepartments that operate independently from one another. While this enables efficient operations, it prevents top-level management from having a complete picture of the entire IT environment because metrics are split across several tools.