Add Retries to Your API Calls

Whether you're making API calls from Node.js or in the browser, connection failures are going to happen eventually. Some request errors are valid. Maybe the endpoint was wrong or the client sent the wrong data. Other times you can be sure that the error is the result of a problem with the connection to the server or one of the many hops in-between. While API and web service monitoring can inform you about the problem, a more active solution can take care of it for you.

Global supply chains: How Maersk is connecting & simplifying the world's movement of trade with APIs

Join Oliver Ogg in conversation with Dave Holliday, API Platform Product Manager at A.P. Moller - Maersk. Maersk is the world’s largest shipping company and is a global orchestrator of logistics. It is a complex business with multiple business units that include container manufacturing, shipping, and operating vast terminals that can unload some of the world’s largest ships. The supply chain world has been using EDI formats to exchange data between the many participants, but it was always expensive for both sides to understand, build against, and maintain.
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Send API Test Results to Elastic and Visualize in Kibana

API Fortress’ API-first architecture means that we can seamlessly integrate with any tool in your toolchain. One of the most popular tooling companies in the world is Elastic. Not only do they provide logging and search, but they have a great visualization tool for all the data they collect called Kibana. With the API Fortress data API, all of your test results can be exported in real-time to the data analysis platform of your choice.


Kong for Kubernetes 0.8 Released!

Kong for Kubernetes is a Kubernetes Ingress Controller based on the Kong Gateway open source project. Kong for K8s is fully Kubernetes-native and provides enhanced API management capabilities. From an architectural perspective, Kong for K8s consists of two parts: A Kubernetes controller, which manages the state of Kong for K8S ingress configuration, and the Kong Gateway, which processes and manages incoming API requests.


Use the Node.js HTTP Module to Make a Request

The ecosystem around making requests in Node.js applications is huge. With countless libraries available, it can be helpful to understand why they exist. This helps to improve your understanding of Node.js as a whole, and makes choosing an HTTP client easier. In the first post in this series, we looked at creating servers using Node's http module. In this post, we will explore making a request using the http.request method and handling the response.


Protect Your Applications With Cleafy Plugin for Kong

When protecting your online services, the weakest link is represented by the endpoints – that is, by the end-user devices running web or mobile applications or by external systems leveraging open APIs. As a matter of fact, there is a growing number of targeted attacks leveraging sophisticated techniques such as malicious web injections, mobile overlay and API abuse attacks to perform identity hijacking, account takeover, transaction tampering and payment frauds.