9 Security Orchestration and Automation Benefits: How SOAR Helps Improve Incident Response

On average, 800 attacks per hour pummel 76 U.K. councils, according to global insurance firm Gallagher. That volume of attacks is not out of the ordinary, nor is it new. Back in 2013, UC Berkeley’s data science blog reported that the U.S. Navy sees 110,000 cyberattacks per hour. Imagine being a security operations center (SOC) analyst trying to manage this sheer number of alerts. That is where security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) comes in.


An Insider's Look at MISP for Open-Source Threat Intelligence (Video)

Siemplify Technical Account Manager Arnaud Loos builds on his “Open-Source SOC” whiteboard video with a deep dive into the Malware Information Sharing Platform, or MISP, an open-source threat intelligence sharing project that allows for the sharing, storing and correlation of indicators of compromise of targeted attacks.


SOC'ing from Home? How to Migrate to Remote Security Operations in the Age of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is reshuffling our priorities and changing life as we know it, and with the climax of the disruption – never mind its conclusion – still unclear, the uncertainty of when our routines will “return to normal” is only adding to the discomfort many are feeling.


Feature Spotlight: Using the Siemplify Integrated Development Environment

In a perfect world, every security product you brought into your environment would meet every one of your needs right out of the box. However, we know that is not always the case. No matter how good a product is there will always be the need to tailor the solution. To that end, the Siemplify Security Operations Platform includes an integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE enables organizations to customize playbook actions and integrations.

The All-in-One Guide to Maturing Your MSSP

The managed security services market is growing - and for good reason. Within businesses, skills are short, budgets are tight and there is more surface to cover than ever thanks to the rise of mobility, cloud and connected devices. As a result, they are looking for a partner that can help them offset some or all of their security responsibilities. Cue the rise of the MSSP.