Why using a Change Monitoring module is so critical?

Why using a Change Monitoring module is so critical?

Apr 1, 2018

“My Service is unavailable because someone deleted the content of the server access group”

“My messaging service is unavailable because someone reconfigured a connection document, it took me ages to track down the root cause, users were screaming...”

Download our white paper to see how you can avoid these kinds of situations with GSX Change Monitoring module by monitoring the items that configure key Lotus Domino system components. Therefore you are able to increase the overall security of your infrastructure by tracking the impact of changes made by your team, and taking quick corrective action.

Why Change Monitoring is critical to your company?

Domino is a highly scalable, secure system that is ideally suited to a distributed architecture, both from an infrastructure and administrative model. While this architecture can very positively lend itself to rapid change and enable regional management, rapid change and local control can in itself create headaches for security, audit and central policy management.

By ensuring that key configuration and access controls settings are monitored and reported- by an automated central control- IT Managers can successfully delegate administration and controls, relaxing that they have the control in place to monitor and manage their messaging, collaboration and mobile environments.