Why IronPort Monitoring is Critical for your Business

Why IronPort Monitoring is Critical for your Business

Sep 1, 2018

If your IronPort fails, the entire email flow in your company shuts down, and nobody will be able to send or receive emails.

In many cases, users will begin to complain of a degradation in service involving issues with their email delivery. Without the proper monitoring tool, it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint the root cause. Manual troubleshooting is an ineffective and time-consuming process, as you have to painstakingly figure out if the problem is with the Exchange infrastructure, the IronPort, or the network.

And even if you are able to identify the issue, the manual approach isn’t sustainable.

=> There’s no way to scale this approach, automate it, or store the information gathered.

=> There’s no way to view trend availability and usages statistics or set up alerts, so that you can be proactive in managing your email environment and stop problems before they happen.

This white paper covers the following:

  • Causes of IronPort Issues
  • What to look for in IronPort Monitoring
  • GSX Monitor for IronPort
  • Comparison IronPort 9.5 Inbuilt Monitoring Vs GSX IronPort Monitoring