Test Automation Landscape 2020

Test Automation Landscape 2020

Sep 22, 2020

Amid the unprecedented year of 2020, the state of software testing continues to fluctuate. To better understand current trends, we, the Katalon team, conducted this comprehensive report to empower individuals and organizations and help them better adapt to “the new normal.”

Synthesized from valuable contributions of 5,000+ IT professionals across many industries worldwide, the report reflects diverse insights that shape the future of testing.

With that global perspective, all teams can leverage the right practices for a more data-driven strategy to outperform their goals and thrive in such turbulent times.

We hope these new findings will add value to your automation testing strategies. At Katalon, they have given us clues on some of the biggest challenges and emerging needs of the testing community. These findings act as invaluable guidance in developing a suitable product roadmap that allows us to better serve the community with higher satisfaction.