Strategies for Securing Highly Scalable Container Environments

Strategies for Securing Highly Scalable Container Environments

Dec 1, 2018

If you ask a Docker expert to identify the main benefits of containers, scalability — that is, the ability to increase or decrease the size of a software container environment — will undoubtedly be on the list. In contrast to virtual machines and bare-metal servers, containers enable organizations to build tremendously scalable environments. This is because containers make it easy to copy instances of an application quickly, and to move instances between different environments easily.

To create a truly scalable containerized environment for production, however, it’s necessary to think beyond the scalability of containers themselves. Containers are the building-blocks that enable a scalable environment, but they are not the only part of the software stack that needs to scale. The tools that your organization uses to manage, monitor and secure containers must also have the ability to scale as seamlessly as the environment.

Download this guide to understand:

  • Why a new approach to security is needed to address scalability
  • How to think about securing the layers of a containerized software stack
  • Security best practices that realize full potential of Docker environments