Serverless Observability: The Ultimate Guide

Serverless Observability: The Ultimate Guide

Sep 10, 2020

Learn how you can gain observability through serverless architectures with native tools like AWS X-Ray, open-source solutions like OpenTelemetry, and automated solutions like Thundra!

This paper walks through the problem of serverless observability. It starts by defining the observability problem space, explaining how debugging and tracing are only part of a larger picture of application behavior. We’ll explore AWS CloudWatch and X-Ray as a first attempt at observability. Then we will detail several open source serverless availability tools, before discussing Thundra’s automated approach to observability. Finally, We’ll compare some alternatives and try to pave the path to ultimate serverless observability by distributed tracing, metrics and logs.


  • Observability challenges and best practices in serverless applications
  • Making headway using AWS tools
  • Manual Observability with Open-source Software
  • Moving Towards Ultimate Observability