Organizing and Optimizing ITSM Toolsets

Organizing and Optimizing ITSM Toolsets

Sep 4, 2018

Given the speed at which technology and consumer expectations are changing, there are now significant gaps in existing ITSM approaches. As a result, ITSM and ITIL processes need to be modernized to address needs around integrating legacy processes and tools, to create workflows that are built around people to maximize flexibility and ease of use.

As they stand, ITSM tools themselves don’t facilitate shifts in culture that must happen. in order for teams to truly unlock their full potential. Teams must marry ITSM with new development and operational approaches. Only then is it possible to maximize release velocity, minimize incident resolution times with modern response best practices, and establish clear ownership and accountability for unplanned work.

In this paper:

  • Actionable strategies that have been leveraged by thousands of organizations that have retrofitted customer-centric and application-centric operational models onto their existing ITSM environments
  • How to empower your people to deliver, fix, and improve IT
  • Top operations challenges faced by organization resulting from the rise in digital services
  • 6 best practices to follow to optimize ITSM