Network Performance Monitoring Software Overview

Network Performance Monitoring Software Overview

Nov 12, 2020

Learn about Obkio’s simple and efficient Network Performance Monitoring software that empowers IT professionals with simple network and application performance intelligence tools to proactively optimize the end-user experience.

Why Monitor Network Performance?

Networks are large and complex systems that act as the backbones of many modern businesses. That’s why monitoring your network health is so important.

Network performance monitoring software provides end-to-end visibility of your network to help diagnose and fix problems in seconds.

Install Obkio in Minutes!

Obkio is designed to help you find the cause of network problems quickly! That’s why we’ve made it easy to set up and use. You can easily install Obkio’s Network performance monitoring software in minutes. Installing Obkio is as easy as:

  • The Agent: Easily deploy one software or hardware application in every network location.
  • The App: Configure monitoring sessions between agent, alarm & notification thresholds.
  • The Cloud Platform: Start collecting and analysing data to view results in your Obkio App.