Monitoring as a Service: The MSP Opportunity

Monitoring as a Service: The MSP Opportunity

Jul 1, 2021

Reducing costs and accelerating digital transformation is why your IT Management leans on their MSP partners. And as an MSP, you want to differentiate yourself and be able to support your enterprise customers quickly and reliably to drive their business.

ScienceLogic’s Monitoring as a Service is an MSP-centric, multi-tenanted monitoring platform that enables MSPs to develop new service offerings that deal with a broad case of IT infrastructure elements—whether physical, virtual, or cloud—across networks, virtual and physical services, storage, and applications.

The value for an MSP that establishes this class of monitoring capability goes well beyond the revenue from the monitoring service alone. It extends into becoming a strategic platform for bundling this management visibility and proactive monitoring into a range of other managed services.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • The market opportunities and the strategic value of Monitoring as a Service to the MSP
  • The customer problems that can be solved by Monitoring as a Service
  • Service definitions and service tiering
  • Go-to-market strategies