Lowering the TCO of your Serverless solution with Serverless360

Lowering the TCO of your Serverless solution with Serverless360

Jan 15, 2020

Total Cost of Ownership for enterprise software is the sum of all direct and indirect costs incurred by the software and is a critical part of the ROI calculation. The reality of the cloud support process is that the user will end up paying more money depending upon the severity of the problem. For Instance, the support ticket resolved by 1st or 2nd line support teams would cost less than being resolved by the Architecture team. This is where Serverless360 springs into action and lowers the TCO where the business user can be ensured that minimum 50% of their support tickets to be closed at the first point of contact (L1 or L2 support).

In this whitepaper, we will discuss how a business user can reduce his total amount spent on the management of the application by leveraging the Serverless360 tool to empower the support team.

This whitepaper will give you a detailed understanding of the following:

  • The reality of Cloud support
  • How to achieve lower TCO
  • Different ways how Serverless360 helps support team

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