Justifying a System Monitoring Solution

Justifying a System Monitoring Solution

Jul 3, 2018

Justifying the purchase and implementation of a system monitoring solution can be difficult, since IT department software purchases are faced with more scrutiny than ever in today’s extremely competitive marketplace. IT Managers and CIOs are asked – or forced – to cut costs wherever possible and requests for new software investments require clear justification and evidence for an immediate return on investment.

The purpose of this document is to explain why an economical monitoring solution such as EventSentry© makes business sense by reducing downtime, helping with software license evaluation, saving valuable IT staff time and much more. Downtime means money lost, and implementing a pro-active monitoring solution provides the necessary foundation to streamline and optimize your IT infrastructure.

Further we will illustrate how server downtime affects your organization and we will provide a model for estimating the cost of downtime. We will show how a system monitoring solution like EventSentry© can recover this cost by preventing disruptive and expensive downtime scenarios – whether hardware or software related.

The prevention of a single failure incident is likely to recover the entire cost of the software package.