JFrog Platform: An End-to-End Platform for Global DevOps

JFrog Platform: An End-to-End Platform for Global DevOps

Jan 1, 2020

Today, we live in a very connected world, where our devices, homes and cars all communicate with each other, and every company with a product or service has the need to develop software. It is one of the primary mediums by which they strive to provide better products, services and solutions, and has become paramount to a company’s success. To continuously improve their software, companies must have sound DevOps or DevSecOps practices in place. Over time, software methodologies have changed: agile has replaced waterfall, cloud providers have replaced server farms, and the next paradigm shift in DevOps is the JFrog Platform (“the Platform”).

A solid DevOps or DevSecOps foundation is essential to a company’s success and this is provided by the different components of the Platform. It enables software teams to collaborate across the globe through all phases of the development cycle. The Platform is designed to meet the growing needs of companies to develop and distribute software and provides DevOps teams with the tools needed to create, manage and deploy software with ease. Once a DevOps process is under control, an organization can focus on the innovation that drives its business without having to worry about infrastructure.

JFrog Artifactory stores and manages binaries throughout the development cycle, and through its replication capabilities it keeps international teams on equal ground with the exact same components and dependencies. JFrog Pipelines provides end-to-end orchestration/Automation, and optimization of all critical processes of your CI/CD pipelines. JFrog Xray deep-scans all components, builds and dependencies for vulnerabilities and license violations, providing policy alerts based on a wide variety of parameters. JFrog Distribution collects builds and their associated components into release bundles and distributes them to other Artifactory instances, or to multiple JFrog Artifactory Edge nodes. Manage and monitor the complete flow through JFrog Mission Control, using JFrog insight to measure, monitor and continuously improve the pipeline while JFrog Access federates different services to enable single-sign-on.

The Platform, with its tightly integrated components, can help build a system from scratch, or retrofit an existing infrastructure to meet your current and future DevOps or DevSecOps needs.