Insider Threat 2018 Report

Insider Threat 2018 Report

Feb 1, 2018

Security threats from external attackers are a constant worry for all organizations, but most aren’t prepared to handle malicious insider threats. Most don’t even realize today’s most damaging security threats are coming from trusted employees — whether knowingly or unwittingly.

Ninety percent of organizations are vulnerable because of a large number of users and devices with excessive access to sensitive data — especially on databases and file servers. While most organizations are shifting their focus on insider detection, prevention and insider threat analysis, they lack the training and expertise, technology, collaboration and budget when it comes to insider threat management.

In this 2018 insider threat report, cybersecurity expert Holger Schulze explores the latest trends and challenges regarding insider threat awareness as well as security control solutions to prevent or mitigate insider attacks. The report also reviews how Quest solutions can help you:

  • Prevent accidental exposure due to phishing attempts
  • Deter insider attacks to control loss prevention and encryption of data
  • Remediate and mitigate unauthorized actions using the right insider threat detection tools
  • Provide insider threat training for your employees
  • Assess permissions continuously to identify threats
  • Investigate and recover from security breaches