Getting started with Squared Up

Getting started with Squared Up

Jan 27, 2019

First of all, congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a Squared Up free trial. You're just minutes away from transforming your SCOM environment into a complete enterprise IT visualization platform. Top work.

Goodbye unnecessary email alerts. Sayōnara reporting difficulties. Adios monitoring noise.

With Squared Up you've finally got tools you need to put all that rich SCOM data into action. Whatever your dashboarding requirements we've got you covered, from Visio integration to performance graphing, from our awesome donut tile to SLA gauges - there's a bunch of visualizations to choose from. And once you've conquered our dashboarding world, next up is VADA...

Sure, Application Performance Management (APM) tools offer a lot of promise, but with enterprise IT typically responsible for hundreds or even thousands of applications - this is where our awesome Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA) technology comes in. VADA leverages your existing SCOM agents to perform on-demand detection of network activity, correlating this with component level discoveries to automatically determine true application dependencies. The result: accurate, up-to-date maps of your business applications across your infrastructure, across load balancers, website, service, database and servers.

Now all that juicy SCOM data is in the context of your key applications and services.