Get the most out of your SCOM Investment

Get the most out of your SCOM Investment

Jul 1, 2018

The constant availability and performance of Messaging and Collaboration applications is business-critical. With the emergence of multiple new communication services and new devices, many corporate communication systems are exhibiting signs of choking on their internal communications.

This document provides an independent view on the issues faced by organizations seeking to maximize the effectiveness of their corporate bottom line using those applications.

Admins and Managers of large Exchange and SharePoint communities typically rely on Microsoft’s Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to provide them with the performance overviews they need. However, most of them find it sometimes complex, difficult to manage and time-consuming.

Download this Free White Paper to see how a Multiple Vendor Strategy reinforces your SCOM ExperienceThis report has been written independently by Quorcirca Ltd. Quorcirca Ltd is a primary research and analysis company specialising in the business impact of information technology and communications (ITC).

Agenda: This White Paper, “Bringing System Management to Messaging & Collaboration", highlights five keys areas of focus that need to be addressed to get the most out of your SCOM investment, and shows how Third-Party Applications can be Value Accelerators for each of the following areas:

  • Unified Management of Messaging and Collaboration Apps
  • Real-time view of End-user Apps Performance
  • Ease-of-use and Automation
  • Transparent Implementation & Upgrading
  • Proactive Analytics and Reporting