The Essential Guide To Data-Driven IoT

The Essential Guide To Data-Driven IoT

Aug 2, 2018

Effectively leveraging data-in-motion within IoT

It is a common misconception to think of cloud adoption as one of the core initiatives in a shift to a digital business platform when Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives are often of equal importance. With deployments nearly always stemming from business initiatives, IoT brings together various IT and data personas as it converges with big data, analytics, and machine learning.

When organizations use their IoT device data, they can unlock new insights that can be used to optimize operations, improve customer experience, create new revenue streams, and drive countless other benefits across the organization. This leads to a new paradigm called Data-Driven IoT.

In this paper, we will paint the overall landscape of IoT implementations, the key challenges that enterprises face in such environments, and the solutions that address such pain points.