Data Science in the Cloud

Data Science in the Cloud

Jan 22, 2019

Domino and AWS accelerate research for World-class Data Science Teams

Data science workloads are ideal for the cloud because they are computationally intensive, bursty, and often require specialized hardware like GPUs. But a handful of practical challenges can impede adoption for real-world use cases.

The Domino and AWS paper was developed to help data science practitioners and leaders get the most out of moving data science to AWS, and fully realize the promise of the cloud.

This paper describes:

  • Why data science workloads are ideal for the cloud.
  • How Domino can address the challenges that often impede cloud adoption.
  • Real-world use cases across Financial Services, Asset Management, Technology, and Life Sciences.
  • How AWS and Domino benefit data scientists, IT/DevOps, managers, and audit/compliance officers.