Chaos Engineering for MongoDB

Chaos Engineering for MongoDB

Jul 1, 2020

MongoDB is designed for performance, scale, and high-availability. But, as with any software, you need to test your configuration to verify that it will work as advertised.

Ensure that MongoDB performs the way you expect by using Chaos Engineering to test four key features.

This guide includes four experiment tutorials to verify that MongoDB will perform reliably:

  • Ensure reliable replication by testing the failover process when your primary node fails.
  • Validate data durability if your primary node loses network connectivity.
  • Test that your MongoDB sharded cluster is performant when disk I/O hits hardware limits.
  • Identify potentially problematic queries and shard latency.

In order to ensure you get the most out of MongoDB’s rich features, including built-in data sharding and replication, it’s crucial to test your configuration.

This guide covers four Chaos Experiment tutorials that you can use to ensure that MongoDB performs the way you expect.

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