On-Call Firefight Survival Guide

On-Call Firefight Survival Guide

Aug 1, 2018

Did you know that being on-call can cause something called Phantom Vibration Syndrome? PVS anyone?

Or that there is scientific evidence that when you’re sleeping while on-call, you have less REM sleep, less “slow wave sleep” and a higher heart rate?

But all of the so-called research doesn’t mean anything when you’re in the middle of a firefight. You’ve just gotta roll with it – sleep disturbed, tired, cranky – and get all hands on deck until the crisis is over.

Being on-call sucks, but armed with a few tips and a sense of humor, we’re convinced that it can be a little bit better. Get the On-call Firefight Survival Guide for 10 on-call best practices and a handy dandy post-mortem checklist for after an incident.

Maybe you can get rid of that ghost pager leg after all…