The Build or Buy Dilemma For AI-Based Anomaly Detection

The Build or Buy Dilemma For AI-Based Anomaly Detection

Jan 1, 2019

Is your company prepared to lose millions because of an undiscovered glitch?

Machine learning-based anomaly detection can help significantly mitigate costly problems caused by glitches, blips, and unknown factors.

This new white paper The Build or Buy Dilemma: How to Get the Most from an Anomaly Detection System explores the benefits of modern data science and online machine learning, and the steps you need to take when determining whether to build or buy an anomaly detection system. You'll learn about:

  • Key Build/Buy Decision Factors—Company size, data volume, budget, staff requirements, and more.
  • Unique Considerations—The importance of data stream complexity, alert fatigue, scoring, correlation, and user interface.
  • Cost Variables— The variables that affect cost and the sometimes dramatic cost differences between build and buy scenarios.

Download the white paper today for unique insights into the costs, benefits, and complexities associated with anomaly detection systems, including whether it makes more sense for your company to build or to buy, and which will give the best and fastest return on investment.