Balancing the Value of the Cloud Against Data Imperatives

Balancing the Value of the Cloud Against Data Imperatives

Oct 9, 2018

How an Organization Utilizes Cloud Services Impacts its Ability to Use Data to Drive the Business

The cloud has provided numerous benefits to many organizations, including scalability, cost savings and flexibility. Because of this, adoption of cloud services continues to grow rapidly. According to IDC, 56% of companies already utilize multiple cloud services. Unfortunately, many of them have no overarching plan, instead getting to where they are in the cloud through ad hoc commitments made by various business units. That can lead to problems, not the least of which is that data in cloud services often become siloed and unavailable to analytic tools that form the foundation of a digital business.

In this report, you will learn how comprehensive data management platform for hybrid cloud can address issues like:

  • Siloed or missing data
  • Consistent security, governance, and risk management processes
  • Inconsistencies when various dashboards and analytic reports are in conflict
  • Cloud service lock-in