12 Ways Sysdig Makes Prometheus Monitoring Enterprise Ready

12 Ways Sysdig Makes Prometheus Monitoring Enterprise Ready

Aug 1, 2018

Scale, secure and augment Prometheus.

Prometheus is a popular open source monitoring tool for early experimentation with cloud-native architectures, but enterprises running cloud-native applications in production require a more scalable, secure, feature-rich monitoring solution.

This meaty white paper explains the twelve ways that Sysdig, the cloud-native intelligence company, extends the capabilities of Prometheus for enterprise users.

  • For metric collection, supports metric formats, query languages, visualization.
  • Correlates metrics across distributed microservices, along with metrics from docker, kubernetes, etc. for custom events and alerting.
  • Does collecting and auto-tagging of JMX and Statsd metrics without needing other exporters
  • Plus by adding Sysdig you get dynamic topology mapping and event alerting. You can trigger system call captures from alerts for deep troubleshooting and forensics.
  • And a whole lot more!!!