Webinar replay: Design and document the perfect API

Webinar replay: Design and document the perfect API

Publishing an API is crucial for your SaaS growth!

Here is a replay of a joint webinar between Blendr.io and ReadMe, and learn how to design and document great API.

At Blendr.io, we often receive the question – “What is a good API”? We have been working with more than 500 APIs and we have compiled a top 10 of common mistakes and pitfalls regarding all aspects of a SaaS API:

  1. HTTP(S)
  2. Sideloading & GraphQL
  3. Response codes & error handling
  4. Timestamps & incremental data retrieval
  5. Metadata
  6. Rate limiting
  7. Test environments

Niko Nelissen from Blendr.io will talk about the above and he will reveal the top 3 of common API issues !

Next, join the guest-speakers Skip Everling and Ehsan Mafi from ReadMe to learn about Building Great API docs:

  1. Your documentation is your API
  2. The goal of an API is to be used
  3. Your API users are your most important users

ReadMe provides every company the ability to easily create beautiful documentation, build developer portals that combine support, tutorials, topical guides, and API exploration.