Streamline your Incident Response with Datadog and Rundeck

Streamline your Incident Response with Datadog and Rundeck

Mar 26, 2021

Presented by Forrest Evans of Rundeck and Meghan Jordan of Datadog.

In today’s digital age, customer experience is top priority. When an outage occurs, the tools that you have at hand can make all the difference for your customers and your brand. Your tools shouldn't just help you solve the immediate problem, but also prevent the same issue in the future.

Effective incident response depends on accessible, well-integrated tools and processes. By integrating Rundeck with Datadog's Incident Management, your teams can reduce friction in declaring incidents, assemble the people needed to collaborate on the issue, run known remediation tasks, and gather information needed for the post-mortem.

In this video, we'll demonstrate how to use Rundeck and Datadog together to optimize performance by streamlining incident response, restoring services more rapidly, and avoiding similar outages in the future.