Server and Network Monitoring Solutions

Server and Network Monitoring Solutions

A Cloud Based Server and Network Monitoring Solution that is Designed for Simplicity.

All-in-one infrastructure monitoring solution for SysAdmins and DevOps. Up and running in minutes.

See How SysAdmins can relax this holiday season, while their networks are under tight monitoring 24/7.

We all know how stressful it is to get angry phone calls from irate clients

… clients or colleagues complaining about the network being down.

Especially when we try to relax with family and loved ones over the holiday season.

We know that monitoring is the solution for this problem but management often doesn’t allocate enough budget for this. (Saying it’s our job…)

Open source is an alternative but...

...we just can’t find the time to wade through tutorials, download, install, setup, configure, tweak, and maintain the tools.

So now what? Cancel the holidays?

No way!

What if there could be a monitoring tool that needs no training, no download and no maintenance…

...and that can be setup and configured in minutes rather than days?

A monitoring tool that can be used for both Linux and Windows environments and also…

… monitor both onsite and cloud based infrastructure in a hybrid configuration and most of all...

...does not cost the equivalent of a small country’s GDP :-)

Good news! Such a solution does actually exist.

We created CloudRadar server and network monitoring solution to do all of the above.

CloudRadar monitoring solution is already trusted by thousands of SysAdmins all over the world.

Have a look at what CloudRadar monitoring has to offer:

  • Monitor all hybrid intranets
  • Windows, Linux, local or cloud based.
  • All IP based network devices in one dashboard.
  • Drill down and compare all devices in one place.
  • Smart Alerting and Rules
  • Pre-configured with industry best practice parameters.
  • Personalize as you wish.
  • All popular alert channels like SMS, email, Slack, Pushover, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
  • Fast & Complete Setup
  • Instant SAAS setup
  • No need to install & maintain local software.
  • Guided wizards
  • Get up and running from the get go due to smart defaults on key checks/metrics and alerting
  • Budget friendly rates ($1.20 per host pm)