The secret to high quality SLOs

The secret to high quality SLOs

Dec 16, 2021

Everyone knows SLOs are great, but they’re actually really difficult to implement, particularly organizationally. In this talk, Lightstep co-founder Ben Sigelman and Lightstep Director of Developer Education Ted Young dig into the gritty details of real-world SLO design while unpacking how to leverage OpenTelemetry and modern observability techniques to overcome common SLO issues.

Lightstep’s observability platform is the easiest way for developers and SREs to monitor health and respond to changes in cloud-native applications. Powered by cutting-edge distributed tracing and a groundbreaking metrics database, and built by the team that launched observability at Google, Lightstep’s Change Intelligence provides actionable insights to help teams answer the question “What caused that change?”

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