Pentaho IoT Analytics Demo

Pentaho IoT Analytics Demo

Published Jul 19, 2017

The internet of things holds the promise of transformative business outcomes when it comes to big data. Often, IoT analytics has a simple flow from the edge all the way through to business outcomes.

Pentaho focuses on bringing data from additional sources and blending them with machine generated data to help you achieve your business goals. Focused on insights and outcomes, the Pentaho platform includes capabilities for onboarding, validating, cleaning and orchestrating data to name a few. It’s this combination of capabilities that have helped our customers be successful.

In this video, we share a use case example where Fleet Management used Pentaho’s IoT Analytics platform to monitor vehicle health, identify maintenance issues in advance, automatically locate service centers and send parts information, all before their vehicles even arrived, saving the company both time and money.

Watch to discover how they did it.

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