Overview of audit logging within LOGIQ dashboard

Overview of audit logging within LOGIQ dashboard

Mar 9, 2021

LOGIQ comes with audit logging enabled by default. Today's quick episode of Lessons in Logiq will give you an overview of audit logging within your Logiq dashboard.

Let's log into the Logiq dashboard and navigate to the Events page. The Events page lists all of the events configured in your Logiq instance. You can filter Events by their severity level, the groups they belong to, and their namespaces. Let's look at audit logs for our group called "logiq-audit" by selecting "logiq-audit" from the Groups dropdown menu. All of the events belonging to this group are now listed on the page. We can further filter the listing by a date or time range. Let's filter the listings for logs ingested in the past 12 hours.

And there we go - the logs belonging to the group across the time range we searched for are listed on the page. You can also filter these logs further by looking through pattern matching via the search bar.

That's the end of our quick video. For more such quick tips and tricks, go through our channel and look for more such Lessons in Logiq.