Network Performance Monitoring Best Practises - Best Practices For Enterprise Network Monitoring

Network Performance Monitoring Best Practises - Best Practices For Enterprise Network Monitoring

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Best Practices: What must be achieved with Network Monitoring

Systems Overview
‍Your network monitoring must be active all the time with ongoing, frequent checks, even when no issues are detected. There must be a dashboard that provides you with an overview of the status of your network and devices - even if it only gives you assurance that you are not experiencing any critical issues.

Integrated Views
Most companies run more than one network setup - different offices, different locations, on-premise versus cloud networks etc. It is vital that the chosen solution allows you to monitor all these intranets and networks in one unified interface.

Instant Notifications
‍The main function of network monitoring, is to alert you as a user, to any disruption or irregularities within your network the minute anything goes wrong - notifying you as soon as anything goes wrong. This enabling you to detect the problem immediately, es users detect the problem early enough, and act fast.

Data History
‍Having a detailed data history, comes in handy most times there are issues with network devices. Whenever you receive a notification indicating that one or more of your network devices are down, going through the data of the past days and hours should be the first course of action. This will help you in determining if the network device failed spontaneously or the problem built up over a period of time.‍

Performance Optimization
‍Studying the patterns shown in the notifications and data history, you can use the knowledge to optimize your network for the long term, through a deep understanding of the failure patterns of your network devices.

‍Best Practices: How to set up Network Monitoring
Availability Checks
‍Instrumental in effective network management, availability checks should be performed on any network device with an IP address that is important to your operations. Set up these device, e.g switches, routers, load balancers and ensure that the checks are performed regularly and correctly in a timeframe and frequency that is suitable to your requirements.‍

Alerts and Notifications
‍Alerts need to reach you anywhere and at any time - the instant that something goes wrong within your network. Your monitoring solution therefore needs to be tied into your preferred communication channels - ranging from emails to customised webhooks.‍

‍Regular reports on daily, weekly or monthly basis give you insights into the performance availability and history of your network devices, It further gives you proof of the performance of your system, that will help you with internal compliance, reporting key performance data on your IT operations.

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