#NeotysPAC - Ramya Ramalinga Moorthy

#NeotysPAC - Ramya Ramalinga Moorthy

Oct 26, 2020

XMPP Performance Testing using TSung

Messenger App platform Performance Testing for 1 million users for XMPP & API load testing using open source tools – TSung & JMeter.

A Messenger App platform in AWS required an exhaustive performance, scalability & capacity assessment (in cost effective way) for certifying its ability to handle 1 million users load. A realistic workload model comprising of APIs and XMPP messages was created by analyzing the production usage trend. After our tool feasibility analysis, we decided to use TSung (for testing XMPP workload model) & JMeter (for API workload model) to meet our client requirements. Our Performance test methodology focused on carrying out various types of performance tests considering the seasonal usage levels helped us to certify the application for its performance & scalability characteristics. By creating realistic performance benchmarks along with the server health metrics from CloudWatch, it was a matter of connecting the dots to perform capacity planning exercise & use the right sizing strategy to recommend the additional capacity for all the infrastructure components (servers) to meet the target user loads making it a very successful engagement and win our client’s trust on us.

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