#NeotysPAC 2020 - Stijn Schepers

#NeotysPAC 2020 - Stijn Schepers

Oct 26, 2020

Raw Data: The #1 superfood for a Performance Tester

Raw Data provides insights required to keep your business apps healthy in optimal conditions.

Like granola is described as a superfood, Raw Data is the superfood for a Performance Tester. I will talk about what Raw Data actually is, how it differs from averages and why analysing raw data provides deeper insights into the performance of your core applications. But looking at Raw Data can be dangerous as well…. Do you want to know more, tune in and join this presentation.

Since its beginning, the Performance Advisory Council aims to promote engagement between various experts from around the world, to create relevant, value-added content sharing between members. For Neotys, to strengthen our position as a thought leader in load & performance testing.