#NeotysPAC 2020 - Srivalli Aparna

#NeotysPAC 2020 - Srivalli Aparna

Oct 22, 2020

Observability in cloud-based solutions

Challenges with Observability and troubleshooting performance issues in cloud-based microservices systems, with real world examples and demo.

Microservices architecture has been around for a while now and it is here to stay. While having loosely coupled services enables software systems to be developed, deployed and scaled independently, the decentralised nature of the solution brings additional complexity in terms of performance monitoring and bottleneck analysis. In this presentation, I’d like to share one of my recent experiences working on Azure technologies. I would like to talk about some of the challenges with limited visibility into performance of the solution and how we were able to leverage monitoring and logging tools available in Azure platform.

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