#NeotysPAC 2020 - Harinder Seera

#NeotysPAC 2020 - Harinder Seera

Oct 26, 2020

Performance Test Tool <> Performance Testing

The performance testing world is much more than a performance test tool or scripting.

In the name of agility and moving to left, more emphasis is placed on the use of performance test tools rather than how to conduct performance testing (& what is involved). A trend that anyone who knows how to script can pickup a performance test tool and run a test. As if that is all there is to performance testing in their eyes. Little to No performance test training is provided to them to do their work properly.

Knowing how to drive a car does not make someone a mechanic, similarly knowing a performance test tool does not mean it is performance testing. It is just the start of the journey and there is more to performance testing than just meets the eye.

This talk is about my journey into the world of performance testing and what I had to learn to become a performance tester. The performance test tool or scripting wasn’t the only thing on that list.

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