Migrating to Azure and Monitoring Your Hybrid Environment

Migrating to Azure and Monitoring Your Hybrid Environment

Published Sep 13, 2018

“Don´t be a dinosaur, learn how to stay on top of your IT Infrastructure when transitioning into Azure” — Listen to Niklas Akerlund, MVP, Cloud and Automation Expert to learn about the latest developments with Azure migrations.

Change is happening incredibly fast in today’s IT delivery, and for a service provider, it’s about embracing the new or risk being the latest T-Rex. In this webinar, we show you how to automate and create standardized Windows Server solutions in Azure, and highlight how management and monitoring are included as a service.

Interact with customers through Microsoft Teams and Bots to speed up change cases and provide quick feedback. Immediately view service status and related costs 24/7. We show how to order new services that automatically end up under NOC when it reaches production.

Watch this webinar if you:

  • Are already using Azure
  • Are planning to use Azure in the near future
  • Wish to monitor hybrid services

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