Lunar Customer Story

Lunar Customer Story

Feb 26, 2020

Emil Ingerslev, Site Reliability Engineer, and Bjorn Sorensen, Web Architect share their experience using Humio at Lunar, a financial institution in Denmark.

Lunar uses Humio to make their environment more visible by collecting all logs. This helps them perform their own audits to make sure they stay compliant with regulations. They are able to search through all their data using Humio’s index-free search capabilities, giving their developers easy access to logs to get direct feedback on the performance of their app logs. They log everything to be able to search anything and ask any questions of their data at any time.

Index-free logging allows them to search for anything without worrying about what was indexed. It allows their developers to work more quickly, ship code more efficiently, and see what’s happening in production in real time.

Humio improves the customer experience for Lunar by helping them understand how thier customers are using their product. They help individual users who are having a problem by looking at the logs to see what happened. By monitoring the logs closely, they often see a customer issue the same time it happens, and work to solve the problem before the customer has to call.

Lunar collaborates closely with Humio to optimize their environment and solve issues as they occur.