The K8s Experts Forum: CTOs Talk Kubernetes and SaaS // Codefresh

The K8s Experts Forum: CTOs Talk Kubernetes and SaaS // Codefresh

May 6, 2020

How Migration to Kubernetes Impacts your Developers by Oleg Verhovsy, CTO & Co-founder of Codefresh, a CI/CD platform optimized for Kubernetes that eliminates the complexity of building, managing, and executing CI/CD tasks.

Modernizing legacy monolithic applications to be cloud-native usually means adopting microservice-based architecture. Kubernetes is a great platform to deploy and operate cloud-native applications, which is why it has emerged as the de-facto orchestration platform coupled with Docker.

However, the process of migrating to K8s and day-to-day experiences can be challenging for developers. At Codefresh, we have worked with hundreds of customers, from fast-growing startups to enterprise companies, who were in the process of adopting K8s. We saw how the technological leadership of those companies reviewed this decision from operational, cost, and security perspectives.

Join us as we look at the impact cloud-native applications has on developers, what visible and hidden challenges take place, and to overcome them. We will identify the most common challenges, and propose solutions (hint: development environments, configuration management, debugging practices, & fast feedback loops).