IoT Is Coming ... How Can We Realistically Test IoT Solutions? - #NeotysPAC Meet-UP #7

IoT Is Coming ... How Can We Realistically Test IoT Solutions? - #NeotysPAC Meet-UP #7

May 14, 2020

🍻 During this 7th #NeotysPAC Meet-Up, the chosen topic was the Internet of Things: “IoT Is Coming ... How Can We Realistically Test IoT Solutions?”

In the middle of unprecedented circumstances, most organizations that haven’t already invested heavily in their digital transformation are now doing so at an accelerated pace. Many companies (especially in the insurance, retail and automotive industries) are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver services to their customers. Every IoT project is a mix of pure sensors (objects) interacting with big data architecture and traditional end-user applications (browsers or mobile devices).

Having millions of objects communicating with a platform means that we are going to increase Internet traffic usage globally. In this complex environment, how can we assess the way central IoT platforms are reacting? Certain IoT implementations require extreme performance engineering because human lives are literally at stake (hospitals, self-driving cars). Testing IoT platforms has expanded to include new dimensions: new protocols, extreme load testing and traditional web/ mobile testing.

During this Meet-Up we explored how we could test earlier and be more efficient to validate an IoT platform. What should we be concerned about when working on an IoT project, and what KPIs should we focus on?

If you’re interested in this topic, don't hesitate to listen to the recording.

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