An interview with Lightstep + Simplebet

An interview with Lightstep + Simplebet

Listen and ask questions as two observability experts discuss their trade.

Simplebet is a sports technology and betting company focused on unlocking a new type of sports betting called Micro-Markets. In this live interview, we will talk to Simplebet about the observability challenges they faced, the steps they took to overcome them, and how understanding change is now setting their business up for success.

In this interview, you'll learn:

  • What goes into making a good observability pipeline, and the reasoning behind those choices
  • How Simplebet made OpenTelemetry and Erlang work together
  • The ultimate value in deploying OpenTelemetry
  • Simplebet's secret sauce to catching problems before they go into production
  • Ideas for how to integrate observability into your CICD pipeline

Lightstep’s observability platform is the easiest way for developers and SREs to monitor health and respond to changes in cloud-native applications. Powered by cutting-edge distributed tracing and a groundbreaking metrics database, and built by the team that launched observability at Google, Lightstep’s Change Intelligence provides actionable insights to help teams answer the question “What caused that change?”

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